I’m frustrating buy the amount of bloggers criticizing people’s efforts to spread awareness and mobilize people in support of addressing the heinous racial inequality and state-sponsored violence in America.

I study and work in politics, and am an example of how the system can be affected by individuals sharing their personal accounts of racial injustice. I’ve read and written for years on the subject of race in the U.S., but have learned more and become more passionate as a direct result of the socially conscious blogs I follow. I’m working for an African American congressional candidate right now, who if elected, will be the racially diverse city’s first representative of color…ever. We talk strategy every day, and the perspective I share was in-part developed on this site. What you all say goes through me and into the political stance of a potential representative with the authority to make real change.

To the people who have made it their mission to educate the ignorant and defend their humanity, thank you. You make a difference.

Rest in peace Michael Brown, and to all the black men who have been the victim of police killings.

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